Featuring 8,400 words on Novak Djokovic, a Mario Balotelli interview and Malcolm Gladwell on the 10,000 hours principleThanks for all your comments and suggestions on our last blog. Here are a few highlights from this week.The article of the week1) The Third ManReading The New Yorker is always a joy, but this 8,400-word article about Novak Djokovic is a real treat. Lauren Collins’ first few pages read like a lost Ernest Hemingway novel, with short staccato sentences that punch their way through the facts of young man’s life. She then flies off into a long and rich dissection of his upbringing and career, sharing anecdotes you have never heard and facts you would never have known. Few magazines can afford to give writers the time to research pieces like this. Let’s hope The New Yorker is rewarded for its bravery with its survival.Other stories we like2) Belief doesn’t excuse complacencyLiverpool have started the season well. The Premier League table is barely worth the pixels on which it is displayed, but Liverpool fans should be pleased that their team and Spurs are the only clubs with 100% records. They can be heartened, but should not become complacent, warns Sachin Nakrani, who …read more

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