Bologna Children’s Book Fair hosted it’s inaugural Dust and Magic Masterclass today (Sunday 23rd March) with speakers including John Cromie, Chief Technology Officer from Touch Press and Kate Wilson, Managing Director from Nosy Crow. As our host Walter Buckleit had coined, in this space “there are no experts there are only explorers”, but as representatives from some of the top-grossing children’s apps to date, it is interesting to hear their reflections on the past four years (or so) of app development.
1. It’s hard to reflect the quality of your app in the pricing
If you want to create the best, and Touch Press is certainly a company consistently producing incredible apps, then production costs are obviously going to be high. Pricing becomes an issue as in the iPad environment it seems that paying £9.99 for an app is perceived as like paying £99.99 for a book. Communicating the value of app production to consumers is a major challenge. There appears to be an industry-wide problem on the semantics of what is defined as an app, with widely differing ranges of quality, depth of content, etc.
2. Our fixation with ‘touch’ functionality is probably a phase
We’re obviously looking a lot at how …read more

Via: The Literary Platform