Beautifully illustrated and nicely produced, this guide from the Canadian film scholar will be essential reading for SF fansIn this addition to the British Film Institute’s Screen Guides series, Canadian film scholar Barry Keith Grant chooses his top 100 science-fiction movies, from the Soviet Aelita (1924), with its “deliriously Constructivist spaces”, to the “wildly imaginative” Zardoz (1974). Unfortunately the criteria used in choosing the films are not made clear, but the chronological and geographical range is impressive. After a useful introductory piece on the genre, follow brief essays on each film, summarising plot, critical reception and production details, as well as placing the work within a thematic context. There are plenty of classics: Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) “comes as close as any film to eliciting the ‘sense of wonder’ often associated with science fiction”. But there are also duds, such as Dune (1984) (Grant observes drily that Lynch “is better at exploring inner space” than outer space) and less well-known movies, too, such as Liquid Sky (1982), described as “Andy Warhol meets It Came from Outer Space”. Beautifully illustrated and nicely produced, this will be essential reading for SF fans.FilmScience fiction and fantasyPD © 2013 Guardian News …read more

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