By Beth Bacon
It ain’t easy to turn a book into a bestseller. Harder still is for a first-time author to reach the heights of the charts. But is bookselling success a nebulous, magical achievement “ultimately in the hands of the book gods”? That’s the way Morgan Entrekin, the president and publisher of Grove Atlantic, described it in the recent New York Times article “Long Odds For Authors Newly Published” by James B. Stewart. The first part of the quote in that article quotes Entrekin stating, “A publisher can only do so much.”
Only so much? Actually, a publisher—and the author—can do a lot. Those interviewed by James B. Stewart, however, only mentioned “some” of what  authors and publishers can do to promote their books. Here is a list of all of the marketing activities listed in article. It represents the traditional standard of book marketing:
It’s all about connecting with real people, your readers
•  “Use … traction with the chains, with Amazon”’
• “Fight for the promotion money to get the book into the front of stores”
• “Get advance quotes from prominent authors”
• “Introduce the author to booksellers”
• “Host a media lunch in Manhattan”
• Get “ [to give] the book a glowing review, [and select] it as a best book of …read more

Via: Digital Book World