A 16th century warfare manual has been causing some alarm among the reading and pet-lover communities (you don’t need me to tell you the crossover is huge) because it appears to show cats and doves being used as rockets.
The illustrations, which feature in a manual on artillery and siege warfare that was written in Germany around 1530, show animals, and most prominently cats, with what looks like jetpacks attached to their backs, “with the German text helpfully advising military commanders to use them to “set fire to a castle or city which you can’t get at otherwise”, the Guardian reports.
One of the rocket cats that features in Helm’s manual
Bird lovers look away: doves are also suggested for the same purpose
The book was written by Franz Helm of Cologne, an artillery master who had experience as a soldier and witnessed contemporary warfare first-hand, including the introduction of gunpowder to the battlefield. But images from the book only surfaced recently when the University of Pennsylvania digitized them, and they understandably attracted attention. Was it possible that a 16th century war expert was advocating the use of “rocket cats” and that they were actually used in warfare?
No, thank goodness. Mitch Fraas, a historian …read more

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