Android, iPhone and iPad apps for children featuring reading, drawing, phonics, games and other interactive funFor British parents, it’s now deep into the summer holidays. You’ve been to the soft-play centre twice, exhausted the potential of the local play-park, and been banned from the paddling pool due to that unfortunate floating-object incident.(Well, how could you have known it’d escape from the waterproof nappy?)Half the parents I know already have a thousand-yard when-does-term-start-again stare on their faces. The other half are just better at hiding it. Keeping children occupied for six weeks is hard.Apps can help with that. Here are 20 recently-released children’s apps that may captivate your children – for a few minutes at least – while also gently flexing some of the educational muscles that they developed during the last school year.One important point: these aren’t intended as a replacement for trips out, playdates, physical play, reading or kids occupying themselves. It’s not an either/or situation: digital learning and play can complement all this. And this particular selection is weighted towards apps that are fun to use together with your children, rather than by kids alone.Another important point: I’m sensitive to Android-owning parents complaints that these kind of roundups tend to …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books