Self-publishing opens up a world of opportunities for novelists. But as in independent author, how do you know your book is ready for prime time? Use this quick checklist of questions to see if your fictional story is ready for self publishing:Question 1: Is your protagonist’s main characteristic apparent on page one? Readers want to know upfront what kind of people they’re reading about. Is the main character insecure? Let your readers feel that insecurity in the first paragraph. Is your book about a curious young child who wanders away from home? Let us know immediately that she’s curious. The tension in the book will grow from a challenge to the character’s personality, so let’s get a clear idea of that personality from the get-go.Question 2: Are you telling the readers what to think? Readers are smart. They don’t need to be told what actions are good and which ones are bad. Let your characters perform the actions, face the consequences… and let your readers come to their own conclusions. How often is the word “should” in the story? How often does the narrator straight-out tell the readers your character is “mad” or “sad” or “happy”? Give the characters interesting …read more

Via: Digital Book World