by Beth Bacon
Authors shouldn’t avoid customer feedback, they just need to know how to handle negative customer reviews
All authors’ hearts break a little when negative reviews show up on their books’ sales pages. But a book with lots of reviews has real legitimacy and gives browsing shoppers a range of perspectives, making them more likely to buy it. So seeking lots of reviews is a good thing. But how do authors handle the inevitable bad ones? Here are five techniques for dealing with customers who pan your book.
1) Remember: Any review is publicity
No matter what the customers say, those who write their comments on Amazon, Apple’s iTunes store, or are spending time and energy thinking about your book. They’re spreading the word. When a reader disses your book, remember, not all the people who see the review will agree. Let’s say a reader ranks your dystopian fantasy poorly, saying, “It was bleak.” That bleakness might be exactly what your real audience is looking for. I’m sure you’ve read reviews and thought, “Well, I disagree,” or “That thing he hated was the best part of the book.” Your customers will form their own opinions.
2) List your fears
It’s scary launching your book out to the …read more

Via: Digital Book World