In the final part of our series, readers reveal the books that helped them overcome the difficulties they faced in their livesUnder the Skin by Michel FaberI think it was the font. It seemed designed for my dyslexic head – simple-looking words, wide apart. I was working in a bookshop, trying to shelve and read the backs of the books at the same time. Holding it in my hands, the book already felt like it belonged to me, Graeme. The blurb on the back did what it was supposed to do – why is this woman picking up men in the Scottish Highlands? So on my break I bought it.I was suffering from depression at the time; I read most of it in a psychotherapist’s waiting room. Nothing mattered and nothing connected, but the isolation, the bafflement and the loneliness of this strange, almost-woman I found instantly relatable.Faber’s prose was so tidy, beautiful and humane it felt like a hint. I had to help myself. I vowed to do something with this words stuff. I took evening classes in writing. I quit my job and went to university. I studied creative writing and journalism and now I’m writing a book …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books