His new ‘faction’, The Eye of Moloch, trades in populist paranoia, but it shows how Beck’s empire is thriving after FoxPolitico recently ran a piece checking in on Glenn Beck’s post-Fox News career and came away with a headline that even a non-conspiracy theorist might find suspiciously dismissive:Glenn Beck’s empire, not influence, grows.The article describes some of his out-of-the-box ventures (a line of jeans, a recent performance art extravaganza, a new reality show with Vince Vaughn), and notes that he made $90m last year, but weighs these achievements against what I guess Politico considers to be more important: whether Beck is the “lightning rod, catalyst, political icon” he use to be. As one journalism professor puts it:I certainly don’t think he’s in the zeitgeist now the way he was. I think in terms of the effect on political discourse, it’s diminished.It’s true that Beck’s disappearance from national cable news has lessened his visibility in the sphere that Politico values, but his “becoming more an entertainment force” has not diminished his political impact; rather, it’s revealed just how deep an impact he intends to have.Yes, Rush Limbaugh has more listeners. Sean Hannity commands a more impressive roster of guests. But Glenn …read more

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