Daunt commented that “absolutely no one had enjoyed” the consultation process
In May, I wrote about the news that Britain’s biggest chain bookshop Waterstones had begun a major restructure, which threatened to result in hundreds of job losses at the company. Then in July we reported on news that 66 managers had left the bookshop as part of the restructure process, which would abolish the roles of branch managers, assistant managers, general managers and deputy managers and introduce a brand new role of ‘bookshop manager’. Now as the Bookseller reports, Managing Director James Daunt has confirmed that 200 out of 487 managers have left their positions, and that the restructure is almost complete.
While not all managers have left the company, with some choosing to take on non-managerial bookselling positions, this is still monumental change for the chain, and the ‘consultation process’ (managerial speak for hiring and firing) clearly hasn’t been easy. Daunt described the process as “tough”, stressing that “absolutely no one had enjoyed it”:
“Part of the consultation process was that anybody could take voluntary redundancy and in the end quite a few did, which included some people we might not have wanted to go…there were people who wanted to stay but there …read more

Via: Melville House Books