‘Thrilling, easy to read, violent, fast-paced – this book is all these things, but not much else’The story-line of this book is that a terrorist is bombing London. The first bomb is placed on the subway, the second is placed in a children’s hospital. Zak must find out where the third one will be in time to stop it.The main character is Zak Darke, a seventeen year old amateur detective. Raf and Gabs are his adult mentors. Rodney Hendricks, the terrorist and Malcolm Mann, a computer hacker also feature heavily in the book.The genre of Codebreaker seems to fall somewhere between a detective book (Hardy Boy’s style) and a spy book (Alex Rider). This mixture could have made a very good book, but the plot is not well thought through. The clues to the bombings aren’t really linked and thus the characters seem to make computer-like calculations to leap to the conclusions.I think the author may have been trying to make the book quite violent. However the descriptions are not realistic, and in many places, are quite shallow.I think that there is an over abundance of fire-arms in the story, but that is just my opinion. I also dislike ‘Zak, …read more

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