Toni Morrison is not amused.
Bill Holtzclaw, a state senator in Alabama, is seeking to have Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye banned from high schools and school libraries throughout the state. Challen Stephens reports for the website All Alabama that this comes shortly after a disagreement between Holtzclaw and his fellow Republicans regarding Common Core standards.
The previous dustup between Holtzclaw and Alabama’s GOP happened earlier this year when he decided not to support a bill that would repeal of Common Core standards for the state. Two weeks ago, state school board member Mary Scott Hunter was censured by the Madison County Republican Executive Committee for not fighting the Common Core requirements; the committee planned a similar censure for Holtzclaw, but ran out of time. His position has been that it’s not for lawmakers to dictate curricula to educators, and that Alabama doesn’t have to adhere with all aspects of the Common Core guidelines.
So, naturally, when a constituent called his attention to Nobel Prize winner Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, he agreed that it was “completely objectionable” and should not be included on any high school reading lists in the state. The novel is frequently a target of attempts to ban it from …read more

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