Timeriders author Alex Scarrow has written a new Doctor Who story, focusing on the eighth Doctor and set in a small town in the Nevada desert in which an alien pathogen has reduced the entire population to a seething mass of black slime. Read an extract from the storyGuardian children’s site member Patrick interviewed him about the story and his Doctor Who memoriesWhat drew you to Paul McGann’s one-off incarnation? Was there a particular trait or aspect of his personality that led you to write for him? Since he only appeared once there must be a driving force behind penning a story for the eighth Doctor?I wanted the most obscure Doctor. Paul McGann’s Doctor only ever had one feature length outing, although to be fair, the 8th Doctor has had a lot of books and audio books, but for me, being very film oriented, I wanted more room to manoeuvre on that side. Plus…I’m a big fan of Paul McGann. Doctor Who has always had the knack for plunging its protagonist and his companion into danger on a different world and a couple of the e-books in this series have done so but you chose to stay on Earth. Considering …read more

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