The book: not featured in Amazon’s ad campaign
As the new season of X-Factor launched last Saturday, and Britain’s families gathered around their television sets, they were greeted with something new. It wasn’t the return of Sharon Osborne, or the slightly altered format (more ‘intimate’, they say) but the presence of an advertisement signalling a big move from everyone’s favourite tax-dodging, employee-exploiting online retailer, Amazon.
Amazon chose an ad break during the show, which went out to 10.4 million viewers, to unveil their new advertisement, featuring and aimed at British children. ‘When I’m reading a book it’s like I’m on another planet, I’m oblivious to everything else.’ says one child while another describes the joy of imagining, ‘I just become part of the book, I don’t do it on purpose, I just do it naturally.’ Sam Missingham of The Bookseller was full of praise for the advertisement, writing:
 The cleverness is that Amazon has gone back to basics and asked why children read. With a message not confused by devices, gadgets or formats.
Fair enough, if this was an advertisement that was simply meant to celebrate reading, and catch millions of young people with their eyes peeled to the TV screen.
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Via: Melville House Books