As part of this week’s Amnesty teen takeover, we’re running a daily interview between a top teen author who has written about a human rights issue in a recent novel and an Amnesty young reporter.Second up in the series is Anna Perera, author of The Glass Collector, who tackled the subject of Guantanamo Bay in her novel Guantanamo Boy, about a fifteen-year-old Muslim boy from Rochdale who is abducted and held in the prison without charge. Interview by Sean KemsleyWhy did you choose to write about this topic?I wanted to annihilate the myth that torture can ever be justified and expose the fear and paranoia that have led to men and boys being abducted and harmed, stripped of their dignity, denied the chance to defend themselves in a court of law and held indefinitely, often in solitary confinement, while governments spread the propaganda that these methods keep us safe and secure. They are lies.Is Guantanamo a necessary evil?Necessary evil is a preposterous notion. A warped idea I refuse to entertain. How can we make things better and improve the lives of everyone associated with Guantanamo is what we should be discussing. Necessary good is what’s needed now. Or how about …read more

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