As part of this week’s Amnesty teen takeover, we’re running a daily interview between a top teen author who has written about a human rights issue in a recent novel and an Amnesty young reporter.Kicking off the series is Phil Earle, author of Being Billy and Saving Daisy, who tackled the subject of young soldiers in the Afghanistan war in his novel Heroic. Interview by Genevieve BrownHeroic was the first work of fiction I had read that included the story of a member of the modern armed forces. Do you feel that awareness of the conditions that today’s soldiers must face should be more widespread?I think soldiers of all ages hold incredible stories within them, tales capable of gripping and teaching those of us who have no direct experience of warfare. What scares me most about their experiences is how they have to process what they are witnessing whilst continuing on active service, as well as once they return to civilian life. I mean, how on earth do you pick up with your family and loved ones when you have been exposed to the horrors of modern warfare: when you’ve seen colleagues, innocents and children maimed in front of you.It …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books