If you’re a librarian on Twitter, you probably follow @FakeLibStats. I’m a fan myself—some of my personal favorite stats include “No matter where a librarian goes they are never more than 8 seconds away from being asked a question” and “Librarian’s favorite glasses: 34% cat eye; 66% wine.”
One day, while enjoying the @FakeLibStats Twitter feed, I noticed an email address listed. I emailed the following questions in the hopes that I might discover the true identity of the fake stats tweeter, and ended up learning some fascinating information about ARCgate, hipster librarians, and the daily life and loves of librarians (tea, cats, and cardigans).
Can you reveal your identity? Are you a librarian yourself?
I’ve told a few people and a few have figured it out, but at this time I don’t feel quite comfortable letting the cat out of the bag to everyone else.
I am a librarian. In fact, I’m a librarian with a cardigan on the back of my chair, a mug of tea on my desk, and pictures of my cats on my phone. I manage a couple branches at a suburban public library system in the South. My first job in the library world was working with library statistics …read more

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