The Canadian artist talks about his music and poetry just before an appearance at the Isle of Wight festivalHis last LP was “Songs from a Room”; and that is where they mostly seem to belong, with lonely listeners. His concert at the Royal Albert Hall in May brought a full house to cheer him; but left him unsatisfied, conscious of some fouled communication line. Leonard Cohen does not seem a natural for the Isle of Wight pop festival. But there he is with his songs of anger and love and revolution. It is the second time he has sung at this kind of jamboree. The last – a much smaller affair – was at Aix in the South of France, where he had a noisy verbal tussle with the Maoists. They objected that he had taken money for the concert. Afterwards he wrote a poem. The last lines run: “Let the proprietors of the revolution know that the man who wrote a song the people loved was a thief.” He had Villon in mind. And perhaps if any song says “Où sont les neiges d’antan” in English and for 1970 it is Cohen’s”It seems so long agoNancy was aloneLooking at …read more

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