TowerBabel is a start up based in Hong Kong, founded in April 2013. Its mission is to simplify the way the way we create, collaborate and share stories. It believes digital platform is more than just a distribution channel, it can innovate the way we create content and enrich the ways of storytelling. The Literary Platform caught up with Yeung Shing, Founder and CEO of TowerBabel to ask him a bit more about the thinking behind the platform.
Tell us about TowerBabel, and what inspired you to create it?
We all have stories to tell. Ever since the writing system was invented in ancient civilizations, people have been recording stories on clay tablets, scrolls, codexes, manuscripts and the like. These are early forms of books.
Now we are in the digital age, with the emergence of social media and mobile devices, it’s become ever easier to share and distribute information to the masses. However, very little has been innovated around the creation process of digital prints. The current concept of ‘eBook’ is merely reformatting text to fit on various digital devices for consumption, but we think it can be more than that.
That’s why we created TowerBabel, with the vision that the digital platform is more …read more

Via: The Literary Platform