Everyone loves a pen pal. And bloodthirsty capitalism.
Hey OT!
What’s up man! I just saw your letter to me last Tuesday, and thought I’d get back to you. Though you know, buddy, if you want to reach me you can just send me a regular letter, you don’t need to post them on your website.
Simply type in any annotation while reading a book on your Kindle and I’ll be sure to see it. Or, wait, that’s right, you don’t own a Kindle on account of the whole I’m-working-to-destroy-all-that-you-love thing.
Ah well, maybe send me a letter on that other stuff instead. No, not human vellum, the thing the plebes write on, I’m forgetting what it’s called. Anyhow, send one of those letters. I promise, my assistants read some of them before they chuck them into that open pit where we keep a mound of burning books.
I love a good flame pit.
Anyhoo, Oren, pal, I just wanted to say up front that, though you may not know it, you letter sounds a little sarcastic.  You know and I know that we’re friends for life. Once you share a jar of scalp-wax, there’s no going back. But if I didn’t know for sure that …read more

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