Paleolithic publishers get a head start
To be human is to schlep.  The physical anatomy of our pelvis, legs, and toes – all very unusual in the primate world – evolved for walking on two feet for long distances on rugged terrain.  This also frees the hands for carrying stuff.  And what hands!  We possess all the marvels of ape hands – long fingers, opposable thumbs, no claws – but with a remarkable and uniquely human dexterity.  So, then, to be human is to walk around carrying and manipulating stuff.  And, of course, we are a brainy bunch.  Our brains are  many times larger than they should be for a typical primate our size. We are smart schleppers.
The earliest stone tools were portable, mobile technologies.  The Oldowan tools of 2.5 million years ago were the first specimens in a tall and rich arc of mobile technology that bends from the dawn of our genus to your asthma inhaler and iPad Mini.  Many of the earliest artifacts of expression were schleppables.  The figurines of the Upper Paleolithic were hand-held marvels of communication (although exactly what they were communicating is under debate).
In this sense, the paper books of the 16th – 21st century …read more

Via: Digital Book World