Broadcaster talks ‘toxic’ anglophobia at Edinburgh international book festival, in first public appearance since strokeIt was a frail figure who gingerly made his way on to the stage at the Edinburgh international book festival, dragging his left leg as he supported himself on a stick, his left arm hanging stiffly beside him. But there could be no doubts about broadcaster and historian Andrew Marr’s agility of mind. During his first public appearance after the stroke he suffered in January he enthralled his audience with a razor sharp, often hugely funny analysis of Scotland and the UK’s recent history – and its possible future.He was “very worried”, he said, by the tone of the Scottish independence debate. “It’s getting very aggressive. I would posit that, whatever your view, there is no one here who is a traitor. There is nobody who is an idiot – well there are plenty of idiots but there is nobody who deserves to be denounced, cast out and told they are not really Scottish on the basis of their view. Whatever happens you are all going to have to live together.”Marr said that if Scotland became independent he would carry a Scottish passport. “I am a …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books