Brooklyn- and London-based “radical” publishing house Verso Books has launched its own e-commerce site and – innovative! – it’s bundling print books with ebooks.Readers can now go to and buy books directly from the publisher. Taking the innovation tack one step further, Verso will be using a form of social digital rights management software by Booxtream. The software provides personal details of the buyer in a digital watermark in the ebook, deterring widespread sharing and providing a recourse for catching ebook pirates.Verso worked with Random House in the U.S. among others to get this operation up and running. The company expects to make £200,000 ($332,300) off the site in its first year.More. To get all the ebook and digital publishing news you need every day in your inbox at 8:00 AM, sign up for the DBW Daily today!Kids Can Now Write Book Reviews on Biblionasium (DBW) The “Goodreads for kids” now offers something that no other site does yet: a way for little kids to write actual book reviews.When Kids Write Book Reviews (DBW) Because of U.S. law, providing a platform for an eight-year-old to write book reviews is actually quite complicated. But educators were clamoring for it. Here’s how …read more

Via: Digital Book World