Barnes & Noble chairman Len Riggio got a bit testy with investors–and talked about his love for the company–at the company’s annual shareholder meeting.
On Tuesday, as Apple unveiled its “wonderfully mundane” new iPhone, Barnes & Noble held its annual shareholders meeting. No new products were announced. No one liveblogged the event from a broken NOOK. Elvis Costello did not appear.
Instead, Barnes & Noble’s founder and chair, Len Riggio answered questions from investors about the company’s disastrous summer and the Nook’s disastrous, well, everything.
First, the good news–and there is good news, as we’ve noted in the past:

The company’s website is getting an overhaul. According to Mitch Klipper, the head of retail, it will be “more flexible” and “more competitive.” That literally tells us nothing, but the company’s website badly needs a redesign. Expecting Amazon-esque ease of use from Barnes & Noble is probably expecting too much, but hopefully it will be significantly easier to buy books on the revamped than it is right now. And Barnes & Noble has a ton of ground to make up in its fight against Amazon. According to Quantcast, Barnes & Noble had 859,850 visitors in July. Amazon had over 77 million. Obviously, Amazon sells refrigerators too (and …read more

Via: Melville House Books