Admit it: you’ve always thought that your tumblr would make a great book. Strangers think so too because they’re always reblogging you like totally all the time. So now, here at last, is your chance to be discovered: Chronicle Books is holding the sequel to The Great Tumblr Book Search (info about the original is here).
Unlike your debatable internet fame, the prizes for this contest are quite tangible: $300 in books from Chronicle,  a “feedback session” from a Chronical Books editor, and the promise that your book will be definitely considered for publication. The runner-up prizes are even less-impressive.
Now, the word “considered” might be a sticking point for some, who believe that the lack of definite publication shows a lack of commitment from Chronicle. However, it’s important to note that they chose to post the contest info on their own beautiful tumblr page. If that’s not evidence that they believe in the communicative medium of tumblr, and that they’re not completely terrified of the submissions they’ll receive, then I don’t know what is.
Moreover, last year’s winner actually did get that coveted publishing deal. Paul Laudiero’s Sh*t Rough Drafts (based on his tumblr of the same name) will be published on April …read more

Via: Melville House Books