A rom-com about a Jane Austen theme park embraced gender apartheid for its launch in the hope of repeating the success of a wave of female-centred films scoring at the box office”One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other,” sighed Jane Austen’s heroine Emma. It is a lament that has resonated ever since. Entire industries – psychology, counselling, dating sites – have tried to bridge the gap. But what appeals to the opposite sex, it seems, remains a mystery.This has long frustrated Hollywood. Directors have been hired and fired, scripts tweaked, audiences tested and endings reshot in search of a movie formula that appeals to men and women. Now comes a movie that says it is strictly a film by women, about women, for women. Men can take a hike.”I have never in my experience come across a premiere that was women-only,” said Tatiana Siegel, a film reporter with The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re basically saying we don’t really care if men don’t see this movie. They’re not even bothering to throw a bone to them.”The film, appropriately enough, is Austenland, a romantic comedy set in a fictional English theme park which recreates the writer’s Regency world, …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books