Laughing Horse @ the Counting HouseCharacters, plot and some very good jokes are conjured up in one of the most enjoyable 60 minutes on the fringeYou won’t remember the Jane Austen novel that pits government spy Double-O Darcy against a murderous French (or is it central Asian?) agent with a pet wolf. Austentatious has set itself the job of staging Austen’s lost novels – or, put another way, improvising a new comic play, in the Regency style, every lunchtime on the free festival. The long queues suggest that this popular format is getting more so, and it’s obvious why. The improvising is skilful but not attention-seeking, the sextet’s team spirit is a joy to behold, and the laughs seldom stop. It’s one of the most enjoyable 60 minutes on the fringe.The Austen connection could be overstated. Yes, the company are in frocks, suits and boots. But – at least at this performance – the obligation to speak primly and observe period detail is just one other thing to play with and spark off. The story, triggered by a title from the audience, is arbitrary. I saw one that recast Darcy as a proto-James Bond, on a mission to defeat a …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books