[Press Release]FastPencil Enhances Publishing Capabilities with New Photo Book FunctionalityEasy-to-use features help commercial photographers and picture-taking consumers create professional-quality photo booksFastPencil, the fastest, easiest way to write and publish your book, has announced the addition of Photo Book functionality to its publishing platform. Perfect for professional photographers looking to share their work or parents trying to chronicle their children’s lives, Photo Books by FastPencil are the most convenient way to create and professionally showcase your most cherished photos.FastPencil users can now easily create, edit, and customize Photo Books with their digital images in the FastPencil system. Photo Books by FastPencil allow users to upload their images and then select a theme and format to create a professional-looking Photo Book in minutes. Upon completion, FastPencil packages and binds the Photo Book to provide users with a beautifully finished display of photography.“The addition of Photo Books takes our publishing platform to the next level and expands our customer base beyond writers,” said Steve Wilson, co-founder and President of FastPencil. “From travelers chronicling their journeys to couples displaying images from their wedding day, our new Photo Book functionality benefits both commercial photographers and picture-taking consumers. The functionality is extremely user-friendly and creates a high-quality …read more

Via: Digital Book World