All the cool kids on campus are going to be paying for digital subscriptions to their crummy college newspaper this semester. Chug! Chug! Chug! (Image via Wikimedia)
Yesterday, Amazon announced an ambitious plan to bundle copies of print books and ebooks and accidentally (probably) leaked information about its upcoming second generation Kindle Paperwhite. Oh, and Jeff Bezos promised to lead The Washington Post into a new “golden era,” like some sort of corporate Aleister Crowley, in his first interview since he purchased the paper last month.
But nobody puts Barnes & Noble in a corner. Yesterday, the Chris Gaines of bookstores announced it had partnered with UWIRE, a wire service for college newspapers, and unveiled its big, ambitious back to school plan: it will now offer digital subscriptions to hundreds of college newspapers, including the Harvard Crimson and the Columbia Spectator, on its embattled NOOK ereader. Barnes & Noble’s newest plan to compete with Amazon: pairing the thing your parents got you that you didn’t want with the thing your school gives you that you don’t want.
And, as Laura Hazard Owen notes in her report, “The store is aimed at ‘students, alumni, faculty, and sports fans,’ whom Barnes & Noble and UWIRE are hoping will shell out for a product that is …read more

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