This story about identical twin sisters will power you all the way through your first in-flight drink to your final destinationWelcome to Guardian US summer reads. Each Monday until Labor Day we’ll give an award to celebrate a new book that suits your summer mood and plans. All featured books will be summer 2013 publications. Last week, we announced our pick for best non-fiction read: Difficult Men by Brett Martin.The week after Labor Day we’ll ask you to vote on your favorite of our summer selections. The book with the most votes will be given an additional Guardian US readers’ choice award.Read along with us throughout the summer and tell us what you think of our picks on Twitter.You’ve just enough time to get through the prologue and into the opening of chapter one before they tell you to power down your Kindle, Nook or iPad for take-off. This means you’ll be thinking about this paragraph as you sit on the runway.”The shaking started around three in the morning, and it happened that I was already awake because I’d nursed Owen at two and then, instead of going back to sleep, I’d lain there brooding about the fight I’d had …read more

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