This is exactly the story you want to read in the middle of August: a whodunit set amid the lives of the rich and famousA powerful Boston political family long a part of Cape Cod’s social life is headed by a charismatic US senator, Ned Gregory. One summer, after a sailing race in Hyannis Port, a local girl’s body is found on a golf course, her head beaten in by a golf club. There’s a cover up. In winter, the powerful family heads south to Palm Beach where they are known for their glamorous parties. At one of these parties a drunk girl has been raped by a couple of Gregory boys while the senator does nothing. Another cover up.Sound familiar?”Crime of Privilege is a fictional work about invented characters and the glamorous world they inhabit,” writes Walter Walker in a breezy disclaimer before getting down to the business of his novel. So let’s take him at his word, even though part of the fun of this book is its similarity to some well-known real life events of the past few decades.A friend of the Gregory family, the young George Becket (who is neither rich nor glamorous, but has gone …read more

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