Valerie Trueblood’s memorable and textured stories don’t take long to read – but they linger long after you’ve finished themSummer’s nearly over. We’re in a time of transition: looking forward to the pace of September while trying to make each final day of August count. This is the time to read a short story – particularly one written by Valerie Trueblood.It’s not just that her latest collection, Search Party, features a number of characters in transition themselves (a mother with cancer on her way to Lourdes, a sister attending her sister’s memorial service, a former cop working as a security guard in a school … ) It’s that her stories are so engrossing, so beautifully written, so COMPLETE without being long, that you can pick one up, briefly lose yourself in it and then get back to packing up the summer house, or dealing with the school supply list.The best short story writers are able to master the format the way chefs can make a memorable, textured dish out of two or three ingredients. Trueblood is a master of this kind. Her prose is at once sparse and poetic:My husband, with his inborn, unfailing sense of the thing to say …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books