Novelist David Peace shows different dimensions to the Liverpool managerial great amid some artistic licenceYes but is it true? That is the second question to be heard in discussions about Red or Dead, David Peace’s new book on Bill Shankly. The first is about whether it is worth anyone’s time ploughing through 700 pages and a quarter of a million words featuring a prodigious amount of repetition and a very limited vocabulary.A great sports book is often said to “transcend its genre”. With Red or Dead, the reverse is true. Peace’s novel – for that is what he calls it – is a sports book that drills deeper into the quotidian realities of its chosen sport than any non-fiction author would dare to do.Some suggest that the book’s Proustian proportions would have been significantly reduced, and the reader saved a great deal of time, had its author not felt obliged to base his style on obsessive repetition. But that repetition is the tool with which Peace digs for the truth. It is intended to convey Shankly’s extreme devotion to the endless and scarcely varying routine of life within football.The book is all action, with virtually nothing in the way of …read more

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