How many events have you been to this year?
How many conferences?
How many times have you been called a delegate?
I could count the number of festivals I’ve been to this year in a void. So too could I count the amount of conference papers I’ve kept from the six I’ve been to.
There is a way that would mean I’d kept those papers because they wouldn’t have simply been papers – they’d have been a book.
Book Kernel makes a book of an event and gets it to that event before the event has ended.
It’s the intersection between traditional publishing and contemporary social-media practices: it gives both an ongoing e-book and a take-home-physical book that collects the social media and on-the ground response from the event and is professionally edited by the Book Kernel team. The e-books can then be offered in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf and for those that choose to take a book home, there’s something magical about having a reference and memento that you’ve contributed to.
There’s always a question of legacy after an event – how long does the media produced get read, viewed, or shared? Do you, like me, file and eventually throw away so many loose sheets of …read more

Via: The Literary Platform