[Press Release]eBookSoda Launches Subscription eBook ServiceeBookSoda launched a free service for readers to enjoy all over the world. Designed to make it easier to find free and cheap eBooks, the service is available for all eReaders and devices including: Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo and more. Now it’s possible for readers to learn about all the offers, new titles and free eBooks being offered online in an instant. Rather than jumping from one website to another and trawling through hundreds and thousands of titles, subscribers to eBookSoda will receive an email offering personalised results of the must-have deals and special offers available that day. It’s fast, hassle-free and doesn’t cost a penny.There are millions of eBooks out there, making it difficult for readers to find exactly what they’re looking for, and eBookSoda provides a free solution to this problem. Take the Kindle for example, it uses Amazon’s Kindle store where, according to Ed Robertson, an average of 1293 eBooks were uploaded every day in 2013, that’s almost one eBook published on Amazon every second. It takes time to search among the masses of titles to find free and cheap eBooks that are worth adding to a personal library. This is where …read more

Via: Digital Book World