Social and retail ebook start-up BookShout! has launched a direct sales platform to help publishers, authors and non-book-publishing firms sell and give away ebooks directly to consumers (press release far below).
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In an article that BookShout! founder and CEO Jason Illian wrote for Digital Book World, he explains his vision for the future of book content and how the new product will help make that future a reality.
Every Store a Bookstore The Upcoming Ebook Boom
by Jason Illian

This isn’t the end of bookstores. It’s just the beginning. Instead of thousands of Barnes & Nobles, Hudson’s, and other indies around the country, there will soon be millions of stores selling ebooks and physical books. And publishers, authors and readers will thrive like never before.

I’m not talking about traditional bookstores where the only thing you can buy is books. I’m talking about hair salons, coffee shops, retail stores, big box retailers, movie theaters and more — all selling books in a way that builds community and extends their brand.

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Via: Digital Book World