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New Booktrack Chrome App Lets Writers Add a Movie-Like Soundtrack to Any Story Text and Self Publish on the Web
For the first time, anyone can create and publish their own Booktrack to share their stories with a global audience in a more engaging and immersive way
BooktrackTM, the company that adds soundtracks to stories, announced today the launch of Booktrack Studio software that for the first time lets anyone add a synchronized soundtrack to digital text to provide an immersive, movie-like reading experience. Available from the Chrome Web Store, the free Chrome app allows writers to quickly embed music, ambient audio, and sound effects into their story that will play in synch with the storyline, paced to each individual’s reading speed.
Booktrack Studio delivers a more engaging and compelling reading experience for today’s new generation of digital readers. Writers can better share their creative vision by including background music that evokes a specific emotion or ambient audio that brings a scene to life, selecting clips from a database of more than 20,000 audio files. Imagine hearing a swelling symphony as warriors clash in a story or the sounds of a bustling marketplace as you read a Bangkok travel blog. Writers can …read more

Via: Digital Book World