London mayor hails cultural links between the two countries and says increased migration is in interests of bothLondon mayor Boris Johnson has called on the UK and “phenomenally beautiful” Australia to create a “bilateral free labour mobility zone” to encourage migration between the two countries. Johnson, who is currently in Australia, wrote for the UK’s Daily Telegraph that after giving the keynote speech to open the Melbourne Writers Festival, he was approached by Australian teacher Sally Roycroft, who had been “effectively kicked out of Britain”, curtailing her work with London schoolchildren, because she wasn’t an EU citizen. Johnson said this “disgrace” showed that the UK had to “raise its eyes” from the “economic gloom” of Europe and strengthen links with Australia for opportunities in people, services and goods. “We British are more deeply connected with the Australians – culturally and emotionally – than with any other country on earth,” he wrote, adding that the two countries shared a similar worldview, sense of humour and love of the TV show Top Gear. These links should be strengthened with a free labour mobility agreement between the two countries, Johnson said. “It would be good for the UK, where skilled people like Sally …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books