Multi-hyphenate renaissance man James Franco has finally delivered the goods with this great, grisly Cormac McCarthy adaptationJames Franco is the fan-tailed peacock of the festival circuit, seemingly always on hand when there’s a party to be attended, an exhibition to open or a happening to make happen. Last year he came to Venice to show off his art, while on this occasion his self-satisfied smile can be seen beaming down from a series of advertising hoardings hung all over town. Almost as an aside, Franco has a film in contention for the Golden Lion. Child of God is a shocking tale of backwoods lunacy and one man’s descent into hell. Perhaps the most shocking thing about it is that it’s really rather good.Adapted (pretty faithfully) from an early Cormac McCarthy novel, Child of God showcases a jaw-dropping turn from Scott Haze as Lester Ballard, a feral pariah who rails at his oppressors and shits in the woods and whose constant gurning and grunting suggests he’s straining at a stool even when he isn’t. But poor Lester is lonely. His shack is cold and he could use some company. The stuffed animals that he wins at the county fair are fine …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books