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According to a new study from BookNet Canada, a new surge in Canadian e-reading is coming soon. Just over a quarter of teens read ebooks in Canada currently, but that number is set to rise.
Kids and teens have access to nearly half-a-dozen devices in their households and use most of them — sometimes for e-reading. Even families that don’t read ebooks predict that they will be doing so soon.
“Even parents who don’t currently read ebooks predicted that they would be e-reading in the future,” said Pamela Millar, BookNet Canada’s director of customer relations in a statement (below).
In the U.S., more than half of kids aged two-to-thirteen read ebooks currently.
Another area of interest in the Canadian market is apps. In Canada, many young children have access to apps and half of parents say that apps have great educational potential.
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Children’s Uptake on Ebooks Expected to Increase, Says New BookNet Canada Study
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