William Sutcliffe’s story of a boy who goes on a journey of discovery when he finds a way to cross the wall that divides his community from another is the seventh book in the Guardian children’s fiction prize book club – what do you think?Every week we are featuring one of the brilliant books in the running for the 2013 Guardian children’s fiction prize. This week it’s The Wall by William Sutcliffe.What’s the book about?Joshua’s life is perfectly safe as long as he stays on his side of the Wall. As he and every other schoolboy knows, the other side of the Wall is dangerous to everyone except for the soldiers who police it. When Joshua finds a tunnel under the Wall and emerges on the other side he witnesses terrifying violence but also meets a family whose way of life shows him the real impact caused by the divide and makes him question all he has previously been told. From Leila and her family Joshua learns the enormity of living under repression as well as what kindness, despite its attendant dangers, really means. Joshua’s journey of discovery unfolds as a haunting fable which lyrically celebrates the healing power of …read more

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