Cannes may not have been a triumph for British films, but hopes are high for Venice and Toronto with some promising movies dueA man-eating alien, set loose on the Scottish Highlands and played by a glamorous American star, may not look like a fitting figurehead for a major British film industry revival, but Scarlett Johansson’s role in Jonathan Glazer’s long-awaited Under the Skin is the most eye-catching offer in an extraordinary lineup of premieres next month.These include a dozen promising British features, from costume drama to a comedy about a doppelganger to an honest look at middle-aged marriage, made by celebrated new film-makers such as Richard Ayoade, Steve McQueen and Ralph Fiennes as well as by established names including Stephen Frears, Terry Gilliam and Roger Michell. All have been selected for coveted screenings at the leading film festivals in Venice and Toronto, where festival directors are already hailing the strongest British lineup for many years.This Indian summer for British film follows the slim representation of British work at the Cannes film festival and has prompted critics and film producers to ask whether they are witnessing a genuine artistic resurgence or simply a coincidental blip.”We are in an exceptionally rich time …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books