Don’t expect copyright law to change this year — but it might change next year, according to Representative Jerrold Nadler, speaking at the Association of American Publishers meeting in New York.“I expect a number of hearings and not much else,” said Nadler, a Democrat from New York. “I don’t think we’re going to do major legislation this year — maybe next year.”Nadler is the ranking member of the Congressional Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, which considers issues of copyright, intellectual property, fair use, digital first sale doctrine and other issues important to publishers. He is the highest ranking Democrat, second to the Republican chairman of the committee.The committee is moving slowly on issues around copyright, holding hearings on topics such as fair use and the outdated Digital Millennium Copyright Act (more commonly known as DMCA), which sets out the rules under which rights holders can have websites taken down if it contains infringing material.Because copyright generally isn’t a partisan issues, Representative Nadler believes that new legislation has a chance of being passed, even in a very divided Congress. On the issue of DMCA, for instance, opinions weren’t split.“The notice and take-down provision isn’t working,” said Nadler. “The DMCA …read more

Via: Digital Book World