Traditionally published authors are increasingly partnering with production companies and using social media in new ways to drive market attention to their titles.
Notably, it’s the creative professionals beyond the author and book-content folks that make these social and digital marketing strategies come to life and really resonate with consumers.
voice over artist Shira Adler
DBW spoke with one such professional to discover more. Shira Adler* is a sought-after voice over artist and commercial voice talent known for her ability to engage through a broad spectrum of VO services including, audiobooks, book & TV promos, eLearning & multi-lingual apps.
And, she recently recorded supplemental material where she played a female psychiatrist in Night Film, by Marisha Pessl, available from Random House on August 19. Adler’s job in this case was to reveal glimpses into the darker tones of one of the mysterious characters in the book by “recording notes” for her patient’s file.
Deanna Utroske: Talk a bit about your position as a creative professional in publishing and author marketing initiatives.
Shira Adler: As a creative professional, I enjoy being a part of the new trend that has emerged in the audiobook field. In addition to the standard publisher’s support of an author’s new release, …read more

Via: Digital Book World