Damien Hirst is trying to remember something. Or really, anything.
Well, he’s honest.
Infamous fishmonger and artistic bad boy Damien Hirst has announced that he’s writing his memoirs. And yet, and yet… there are some years in there that Hirst says he doesn’t remember. Not a year or so, passed in a flurry of pickling and gilding and placing diamonds just so, but ten whole years. The early ‘90s, specifically, when Hirst made his name artistically and was boozing and coking it up around London.
It was during this period—Hirst’s days at Goldsmiths College and just after—that he first gained a reputation for artworks such as A Thousand Years, a glass case containing a rotting cow’s head, and Away from the Flock, a sheep in a tank of formaldehyde. Also, he won the Turner Prize (1995), and both curated and participated in a number of important shows, including the landmark 1992 Young British Artists show at the Saatchi Gallery. He palled around with Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas, did dirty party tricks at the Groucho Club, and generally tore things up.
So thoroughly that he now confesses that he has a “ten-year hole” in his life, which is going to be rather tricky to …read more

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