The writer on his new book about Bill Shankly, living in Japan and racial segregation in West YorkshireAfter the controversy surrounding The Damned United, when Johnny Giles and several other ex-Leeds players objected to their portrayal in the book, what brought you back to football in Red Or Dead?The fallout from The Damned United wasn’t particularly pleasant. I’d written about police corruption, the miners’ strike, war criminals, problems in Tokyo with the American occupation, but I never imagined that the most controversial thing I would write would be a book about football.I wanted to write a book that would be more than another dark conspiracy. My plan was to write about Harold Wilson. Wilson was somebody whose life and achievements, I thought, had been forgotten. Then a film producer, Mike Jefferies, a passionate Liverpool supporter, was curious to know if I’d ever considered writing a script about Bill Shankly. It sounds dramatic, but it was as if the scales had fallen from my eyes.Harold Wilson turns up in Red Or Dead: does that mean you’ve now dealt with him?Having spent so long writing about that period of time, and with Wilson in the book, I thought maybe I’d finished with …read more

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