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Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution:
Two Distinct Functions with Different Best Practices
Find Solutions at Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Conference & Expo
August 20, 2013 – NEW YORK – Publishers seeking new ways to monetize their rich banks of content are often challenged during the execution process by outdated or non-existent archiving systems. Different versions of files including metadata, art and covers, and other valuable content assets all sit on separate computers, in emails, or on servers rather than a central, organized repository. The upcoming Digital Book World Marketing + Publishing Services Expo on September 26 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City will offer strategies and solutions for the critical – and distinctly different Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Distribution functions. Programs and sponsors will clearly define these practices and guide publishers towards solutions that will help them harness the assets they have and facilitate communication and production workflow. Learn more at marketing.digitalbookworld.com.

Confusion easily arises when publishers use a Digital Asset Distribution system for the Digital Asset Management function, probably tempted to do so because their company doesn’t have a working archive or system – a DAM – in place to manage …read more

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