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Some film and TV producers are taking advantage of viewers’ second-screen habits by creating layers of related enhanced content and inviting readers to participate while they watch. For their part, book publishers understand the appeal of multimedia. What is working today to capture consumers’ attention in a fragmented entertainment world?
“In a world….” Cue movie-trailer voiceover of actor/writer/director Lake Bell’s quirky, award-winning indie film of the same name. Now picture yourself sitting in a darkened movie theater, the last bastion of immersive single-screen entertainment, where you’re asked to silence your smart phone before the picture starts and no texting during the movie.
Cut to Sunday night cable TV when a new episode of “Breaking Bad” is about to air. You’re encouraged to “go to AMC’s Story Sync now” to “join fellow fans for snap polls, cool trivia, and exclusive video while watching the premiere broadcast of the latest episode on-air.” You’re about to enter …read more

Via: Digital Book World