Is digital publishing so focused on maximizing its metadata that it neglects a crucial component of digital bookselling—the cover?

While talking with Nathan Maharaj, Kobo’s Director of Merchandising and the newest member of the Digital Book Awards panel of judges, I discovered his poorly concealed passion for book cover design. Since the DBAs include a new award category for digital cover design I was eager to hear more, from the selling side, about how and why digital book covers are important.
NM: It all started back when I was a bookseller at [Canadian bookstore chain] Chapters, actually handling the books, arranging them on tables, handing them to customers, and witnessing the nose-wrinkle or the widening eyes, often based just on the cover image.
AK: Did you ever feel that the cover sold the book in a way you could point to and say, “This book is moving out because people look at the cover and want it”?
NM: I wouldn’t say the cover alone sells the book, but the cover can be a gateway to engaging with a book. In the bookstore, the cover can get people to pick up the book; the stack on the table you’re rearranging most frequently is usually something …read more

Via: Digital Book World